So as some of you may know, Karolina got married in December. During the planning of her Perth wedding we had full intentions of blogging about the whole process from her perspective as a bride and mine as a bridesmaid… obviously that didn’t happen! Turns out there’s actually a lot to do when planning a wedding, haha!  Time has flown by (as did the actual night!), and this next installment is a little advice about DIY wedding flowers…

Florists do an amazing job, what they do is a art and well worth the cost. But, for Karolina’s big day her mum (who has a huge passion for flowers and has actually always wanted to work in that industry) volunteered to put the bouquets and reception flowers together. In case you didn’t know there are a whole bunch of Flower wholesalers in West Leederville (Northwood St) that you can go visit and pre order your blooms from. Of course you can only get what will be in season at the time so this option is probably more for the Brides that are not too bothered about what flowers they have. You also need to have the time, patience and know how to put the bouquets together. Our bridesmaid bouquets of Baby’s breath were a cinch but Karolina’s was a little more tricky.

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We’ve had quite a few brides who’s mum’s have done their wedding flowers, they’ve all turned out fantastic and we’re sure they’ve been a money saver for the day. Check out Cleo & Boz Sayers wedding flowers below, Cleo’s mum did such a fantastic job!


So, If you’re looking at doing DIY Flowers here are our little hints:

Be flexible – don’t get too hung up on what sort of flowers you want

Try lots of different heights and textures in a bouquet

Keep it simple, less is more

Research what will be in season

And finally, Be prepared for the time involved.

Until next time… happy wedding planning! Jx


Photos courtesy of Jodie @ Merge Photography and Loren @ Nectarine Photography