Kate & Ben met by chance and although the Nullabour was between them at the start time would show that home would be where ever they were together…..

There was a clear blue sky above Leighton Beach on this winters day. Kate, Ben and their families stood in the perfect place to find Koala surf, Surf that is small enough to allow Koala (Kate) to enjoy herself but big enough to push Bear (Ben) along the wave and promised their hearts to each other. Family and friends from around Australia watched as these two beautiful people made their vows…. even their dog Rosco played a part in the special day – All 3 of them walked down the aisle and into the future as their loved ones showered them with love (& bubbles) as only two amazing, wonderful and kind hearted people deserve.

Cheers erupted from Indiana Teahouse as the couple walked thru the door of their reception to what would be a night of celebration and joy…. And most importantly Family.

Koala & bear, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to document your first day and husband and wife (WIFI – Ben).

Your warmth and your personalities make people adore you & the love that you and your families share is beautiful. Remember…… “Love hard when there is love to be had” – Bob Marley

Much Love and appreciation – Jodie

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Flowers: Beans & bunches

Brides Dress: Betty Tran

Celebrant: Danicia Dutry – Pastel Blue Ceremonies

Reception: Indiana Tea House

Suits: YD

Hair & Makeup: Bow by Natalie Miller