Surely you remember sitting down and having a flick through either an album or a few printed photographs of your parents on their wedding day. The joy it brings to your face seeing them all dressed up, looking young and very trendy (or not so trendy in some cases he he he). My parents didn’t get a wedding album and only have one photograph from their wedding day. So for me it’s so important that my wedding photos are shared with my family.
Being in the digital world nothing lasts for ever, all you can do is to make sure you back up your digital files from year to year and hope that they will still open 50 years from now. Lets face it, Facebook has made us lazy. We used to get so much joy out of printing our images. It’s so important that you print your wedding photos or put them in an album. Having the Digital files is great, but having a stunning album is better.
Either way I hope you can see the importance of having an album or some prints on the wall. Let’s get printing … Much Love Jodie

Coffee Table Book

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Fine Art Album

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