So pre dawn on Saturday we hopped into our car and headed down to Quindanning for Tash & Steven’s wedding. Jackets, scarfs, McDonalds and extra large coffee’s in hand we were raring to go… only we were not prepared for just how cold it was going to be. It was still minus 3 when we arrived at the 100 year old Quindanning Inne (the venue for the reception and also where the girls were getting ready) and our hats go off to the girls for being bubbly & chirpy despite their fingers and toes being numb. Tash & Steven’s wedding guests and bridal party were occupying almost the whole Inne so it was amusing to watch the girls nip into any room that had good light, a bit of extra warmth and a handy mirror. As per usual the day seemed to fly by, the service (held in the church next door to the Inne) was lovely and everyone bared with us after for the family photos in the quite chilly shade (sorry). A big thanks goes out to Tash’s mum for helping us out pre ceremony and Steven’s dad for all his help at the reception, you both made our job so much easier. We hope once the sun went down you all spent the rest of the reception gathered around the fire eating, drinking and being merry! Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your special day. Much love and appreciation J&K

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