Kamil proposed to Ellery on the top of a mountain in Fukuoka, which was a complete surprise to Ellery but a nice reward for the tough hike!…..and so the wedding planning began……….Ellery & Kamil contact us about their upcoming wedding in Perth all the way from Japan (we know super cool) where they have lived for the last two years. Planning a wedding from overseas was a bit challenging at times but Ellery had lots of help from her very dedicated Mum and Maid of Honour.

They went for a 1950’s look with Ellery wearing a long-sleeved wedding dress & the bridesmaids had mismatched baby blue knee length dresses with glittery shoes.  The wedding was held at the Padbury Stables decorated with colourful streamers and balloons.  Everything had a personal touch, Ellery’s friend Hannah did the flowers,  Ellery designed all of the paper goods, a friend did the DJing and her dad made the moon photo booth.  It was a Lovely and Intimate wedding with some overseas guests that came all the way from Japan & Poland.

Some special moments that Ellery remembers are:

The first time my Dad saw me after I changed into my wedding dress at home. Riding in the car with Mum & my sweet bridesmaids to the venue, listening to a CD of our favourite songs that Kamil made and delivered on the morning of the wedding (through my Dad!). Walking down the aisle and having the overwhelming sensation of seeing EVERYONE we know, all at once, in such a happy occasion after being away from Perth for so long. Trying so hard not to cry every time I looked into Kam’s eyes during the ceremony. Also Kam’s vows. Being there together in such a surreal, magical day. The love and joy from April 19 still glows.


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