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Chances are if you’ve arrived here you’ve found your human of choice (that person you overwhelmingly adore) and you’re set to tie the knot. Awesome!  I’m a sucker for human connections, those fleeting teary moments, a coy look, a love that shines from across the room… in short EMOTION.

I’m super thrilled you’re here so take some time & have good look around. Whether you are planning an intimate garden soiree, Long table feast or a Technicolor carnival with 150 of your best mates if you FEEL a connection with my work hit that contact button and say hello.    Jodie x

FYI I’m a Perth Wedding Photographer but I’m also a traveler (and a country girl at heart) so If you’re having your upcoming nuptials in Perth, the South West or anywhere else in the world for that matter please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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