This is such a hard blog post for me to write. On one hand professionally I’ve had a wonderful year full of beautiful weddings, amazing couples and a lot of great memories but on the personal side 2017 was the hardest year of my life. In January I lost my beautiful mum to canc
A Festival Wedding I hear you ask? Well as Renee told me in our very first email conversation "Together we are R&B so we are making this an R&B music festival! Real R&B too ;) & DIY of course..." From that very first conversation I knew this was going to be an
Emma & Alex's Nanga Bush Camp wedding was epic.  There are really no other words. A bunch of truly awesome people in a truly awesome setting. A setting that meant a lot to Emma, being amongst the tall trees, It was a way for her to feel close to her Nana on a hugely special d
I adore Liz & Isaac, and I adored being a part of their Bathers Beach House wedding. They truly are a couple after my own heart. Keen to celebrate their love & commitment to each other in the company of their amazing family and friends but also knowing that the moment
Apparently, Rachael & James's Matilda Bay wedding was a long time coming. Well, that's the story if you ask Rachael's Dad. For a couple who have already shared so much together (travels, house and 2 adorable fur babies), Rachael & James are in no way just going thru th
Aly & Dave's Rottnest wedding was an epic adventure. I'll admit, I had my reservations about logistics, getting around, ferry trips etc etc but everything just came together so perfectly. You couldn't have asked for a more picture perfect day, blue sky, sunshine & Quok