Destination wedding photographer in the South West - FAQ - Merge


Where are you based?

My business was based in Perth for 12 years but I have recently relocated to the South West of W.A. (where I grew up).
The great news is I frequently travel between both regions and I'm 100% comfortable (not to mention experienced) shooting in either place!

Are you the right photographer for us?

Good question! If you’ve clicked through to my FAQ, hopefully you’ve taken a good look around and got a sense of my work and style. I’m a natural light photographer who brings a calming presence and authenticity to every shoot. If you’re starting to picture yourself in my images then look no further; we just might be perfect for each other!

What are your prices?

Pricing ranges between $2700 for elopements and $4300 for full-day coverage. My collections always include the edited high-resolution images so you can print off copies at your own leisure. If you’d like to see a full price list, please feel free to contact me via the fill-in form on my Contact page.

What if I don’t know how much coverage I’ll need yet?

Not a problem! My minimum amount of hours on any given shoot is four, while my maximum is ten. Sometimes we don’t know how exactly the day will play out until we get a little closer to it, so don’t worry; you’re more than welcome to adjust your coverage amount any time after locking in your booking.

We really need some help with timings for the day - is that something you can help us with?

I certainly can. Working as a Perth and South West destination wedding photographer has led me to my fair share of weddings (quelle surprise!) and I believe in sharing the knowledge and experience that I’ve acquired so far. I believe in it so much that I’ve created a little “Wedding Field Guide” that I give to all of my couples.

I know how long the family photos take. I know how long we need for our location portrait session. I know the post-ceremony congrats can take a little longer than you might think, and I also know when you’ll need your hair and make-up looking their best. I happily share all this and more with my couples. Not only does it help me to do the best possible job on the day, it also helps you to feel confident that everything is running smoothly.

I spend a lot of time creating photo run sheets for all my couples in the month or so leading up to the big day. I find this is the best way to make sure we’re all on the same page. If you have a specific question for me about any part of the day, just ask! I’m here to make things as smooth and stress-free as possible for you both.

Will you (Jodie) be the photographer on the day?

Yes! I shoot solo on the day and feel totally comfortable and confident in my ability to handle any wedding alone. I’ve been working solo for many years and so far all my clients have been thrilled with the work I’ve produced for them.

Do I get copyright on my images?

All of my collections come with the high-resolution images for printing. With these you’ll have a shared copyright with Merge. This means that you have the rights to reproduce your images in any way you like, while Merge retains the rights to use the images for promotional material, advertising and display, etc. I’ve found that this is the best approach for both parties to get the most out of our shoot together.

How will we receive our images? Will they be edited?

First of all, I run through the shots and take out all the test shots and ones where people have their eyes closed (there are more than you think). After that, I tweak my selections one by one with post-processing software. I supply your images in a mixture of colour and classy black and white (the selection of which is at my discretion during editing). The finished high-resolution images will then be supplied to you via a personalised, downloadable online gallery. From there, you can download both the high-resolution images (for printing) and the low-resolution images (for social media). Your private gallery is hosted through my website for six months, beautifully presented and complete with a personal store to streamline the process of printing and sharing with your loved ones.

How long will it take to get the images from my wedding/see my online proofs/receive my album?

On average, the turnaround for my digital packages and online proofs is approximately 6-8 weeks (although I don’t believe in rushing work just to make a deadline). Please note, this is just a guide; it can and will change depending on the time of year and how busy my season is. If you’ve selected a personalised album, this will be ready 8-12 weeks after you’ve approved your design.

Is Merge available for Perth, South West, Eastern states and destination weddings?

Yes, yes and yes again. I'm currently based in the South West but frequently travel between both Perth and the South West for work.
The cost of travel outside of these regions can be custom quoted on request.

How about same-sex marriage?

Of course! Australia has finally legalised same-sex marriage and I couldn’t be more excited to start photographing same-sex weddings in Perth, WA and wherever else I’m invited!

Can I purchase an album after the wedding day?

Absolutely. You can purchase an album for up to one year after your wedding day. Many of my clients order their album for Christmas or their first-year anniversary present. They really are beautiful pieces and what could be better than physically being able to hug your wedding memories? Mmm...nothing?!

Do we get to meet befor our wedding?

Once booked, I always suggest that my couples meet with me at some point in the lead up to their day. After all, I want to get to know you, plus it gives me a chance to personalise your day and run through your wedding plans.
I’ll happily organize a Zoom call for us to have a chat either after you book or a little closer to the wedding date if you prefer.
Face to face meetings are limited during my busy season (and with being based down south) and unfortunately, I can’t do weekends, as more often than not I’m out - yep, you guessed it - shooting weddings.

If you’d like to chat before you book, I offer Zoom calls or we can chat over the phone if you prefer. Please note I have limited meeting times available for in-person chats prior to booking.

Do you offer RAW files?

I’m afraid I don’t. The editing process for my images is just as important to me as the shooting. I put a lot of time and consideration into each and every shot. However, you will receive high-res JPG files (that you can print as much of as you like), as well as low-res files designed to share online.

We would really like you to shoot our wedding - how do we secure our date?

Awesome news, I’d love to be a part of your day! To lock me in I require a non-refundable booking fee of $950, a completed questionnaire and finally a signed contract that I’ll send to you via my online booking system. Please note that your booking fee comes off the total of what you book; it’s not an additional charge. Your balance is then due 30 days prior to your wedding date. To get the process started, just pop me through an initial email with the dates you had in mind!

Have more questions that are not listed here?