I’m doing a little happy dance that you’ve landed on my site. I can’t say that I am a particularly gifted dancer but rest assured I’m shaking my groove thang all the same!

I figure you’ve got a firm grasp on what you like or dislike. Ideally you shouldn’t feel the pressure that your wedding day needs to tick certain boxes (because it doesn’t). Your focus for your wedding is probably everyone having one heck of a good time ~ perfect!

You see a wedding is not a solitary moment, but a collection of moments woven together into memories. Weddings are complex and intricate, relying on a million little details coming together all at once. And lets face it; they are inherently crazy, regardless of how you’ve arranged the seating plan.

I want to make what can be an otherwise overwhelming process nice and smooth for you. I want to be a friendly ear, a person you can call on anytime for advice or tips. I’m going to help alleviate some of the stress of #weddingplanning so you can focus on other more important aspects of your day…. Like getting your groove on!

Sure, we’ll start out as strangers but we’re going to come out of this whirlwind of laughter, tears and delicious cake as friends.      I 100% guarantee it.

Jodie x


About Merge

Some quick facts about me (in point form… because who doesn’t love point form):

• I grew up in a little town called Donnybrook in the South West (which is probably why I have an affinity with rolling green hillsides).

• I’m partial to black coffee & Red wine.

• I’m an avid traveler. Especially to countries where I can do some street photography or places that have mountains or rolling hillsides (see above).

• I’ve never once cheated on a board game (just call me goody two shoes… My Fiancé Justin does).

• My beautiful and courageous mum passed away from cancer this year. She was my hero & I miss her every day.

• I studied photography in the late 90’s so I actually have a piece of paper to say “I’m a qualified photographer" (Please don’t ask me where I put it though).

• I still insist on reading printed books. (kindle shmindle).

• I dance when no one is looking (I could be dancing right now).