Warehouses, Bars, Heritage, Hotels: Your Complete Perth City Wedding Guide

From stunning garden weddings to open warehouse venues and a plethora of options for your photo backdrops, Perth has no shortage of incredible places to tie the knot. In this Perth City wedding guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about getting married in West Australia. 

Planning your perfect day comes with a long list of tasks to tick off. Finding a gorgeous venue, figuring out the legalities, and so much more – it can feel rather overwhelming. But there’s no need to worry! As long as you take things one step at a time, by the end of this post you’ll know everything about getting married in Perth.

Perth City wedding guide

Set A Date

Once you know your wedding date, it sets everything in motion. However, before the date is set in stone, consider the weather, school holidays, and any other national holidays that might affect your day. 

Season & Weather

Do you imagine a warm autumnal colour palette or a luscious green garden wedding? Not only does the weather and season affect the look of your day but your venue options too. 

The best months to get married in Perth are September to April, as it takes you through Spring to early autumn. However, being the traditional wedding season, things get booked up quickly, sometimes even a year in advance. If you fall in love with a place, I’d make sure to put your name down ASAP. 

Although the most popular wedding months are March and November, the city has great options for cooler seasons as well with plenty of undercover options, so don’t overlook an off-season wedding. 

Stick To A Budget

Having a budget and sticking to it is so important, without one it’s very difficult to plan properly. Every couple wants a fun and memorable day, but you don’t want to get into any unnecessary debt over it. 

Make sure to talk with your partner to see what you can realistically afford and put towards the day. Keeping a spreadsheet to track your spending will be very helpful, and make sure you’re sticking to your budget.   


You’ll likely have an idea of who you want at your wedding but, make a list of all the important people in your lives early on. Don’t let family put pressure on you about the guest list, let them know your expectations to avoid any family conflict. Remember, it’s a day to celebrate your love, not for your family to invite their friends.

Perth City Wedding Venues  

Perth has an amazing selection of wedding locations with a variety of venues and styles to suit each couple. So whether you want an all-inclusive venue which can cater for all your needs, or an option to have a gorgeous garden ceremony and an urban city bar reception, it’s all achievable. 

Here are some incredible locations for weddings in the city of Perth:

Garden weddings: Surround yourself with greenery, beautiful flowers and pops of colour. Garden weddings are so romantic and filled with whimsical beauty!  

Restaurant/Bar Weddings: A modern and unique location especially great for foodies that offers so much versatility. It also makes for a lovely sentimental location to visit on special occasions or anniversaries.  

Heritage Building Weddings: Timeless venues filled with gorgeous architecture and tradition. There’s something romantic about getting married in a grand building, rich with history.

Warehouse Style Weddings: Ideal for couples after a large blank canvas to add their own touch to. They’re modern, trendy spaces where you can dress however you please.  

Luxe Hotel Weddings: They’re contemporary, stylish and convenient venues great for couples who are looking for somewhere where everything can be taken care of. As a bonus, they have in-house accommodation too which means no travel time!

Perth is one of the best city wedding destinations as it offers so many amazing and varied photo locations from graffiti laneways to the Swan River and modern architecture. But, if you’re still thinking “Where can I have my wedding ceremony in Perth City?” then have a look at this blog post for some inspo!

Stables Bar PerthStables Bar PerthPerth City wedding guide Perth City wedding guide Perth City wedding guidePerth City wedding guide Perth City wedding guide

Documenting The Day

Choosing the right wedding photographer is crucial. They’re spending the day with you, so it’s important you feel comfortable with them and in front of the camera to capture your forever photos. 

Check with your photographer if they have a preferred list of people they like working with if you’re considering a videographer. Both photos and video need to complement each other so you want people with similar styles. 

Wedding day photos and videos are one of the most significant ways you’ll be able to relive your magical day, just make sure to get in contact with them with plenty of time. Have a look at my portfolio to see if my style fits what you’re after, I could be your Perth wedding photographer!  


Have a colour palette and theme for your wedding that’ll complement your venue. Whether it’s modern, regency (think Bridgerton), garden party, or bohemian, your flowers should complement it. Although floral details such as bouquets, buttonholes, and centrepieces are essential for a wedding, be mindful of the cost as it can quickly add up. 

Although not necessary, if you’re feeling a little lost on where to start, or just need a helping hand, a wedding planner can be a massive help in planning your day. Not only do they have all the trusted wedding suppliers in Perth on speed dial, but they can give you suggestions on making those dreams into reality. 

Hair & Makeup

On your wedding day, you want to look like the best version of yourself, so stick to a look that enhances your natural beauty. I would recommend having a hair and makeup trial before your wedding to make sure you’re happy with the final result and see how it wears during the day. 

It could also be a good time to book an engagement shoot to see how the make-up photographs. It may look great in person but not be good to photograph which would be a problem — best to iron out different issues before the big day!

Frasers Kings Park Wedding

Wedding Day Outfits  

With so many options of colour, style, and fit, finding your dream wedding dress can feel like a big task. Enjoy the process, and be open to trying on dresses even if they aren’t your initial style. It’s better to start shopping for it sooner rather than later, and aim to have purchased one 9 months before your wedding which gives you plenty of time for any alterations. 

Whether you’ll be buying or renting the groom and groomsmen’s suits, don’t leave it till the last minute. Ideally, you’ll have ordered them 4-6 months before the day and consider including the wedding colour palette in the tie or pocket square for the extra touch.   

As a rule, ordering bridesmaid’s dresses 6 months before the day gives you plenty of time to make any changes. Ultimately it’s up to the bride how she wants the dresses to look but consider every body type and style so the bridal party feels comfortable. 

Perth City wedding guidePerth City wedding guide


Unless your ceremony and reception location are in the same venue, you will need to figure out a way for you and your wedding guests to get from one to the other. Typically you’ll need to arrange transport for you and your partner as well as your wedding party. 


Many Perth City wedding venues offer accommodation options for the night before, and your wedding night with rooms for some or all of your guests. For venues that don’t (or for guests that require alternatives), luckily the city location means there are plenty of options within walking distance of most venues. 

Catering & Drinks 

Food is a big part of your day and your reception venue will play a role in that. Do you want a sit-down three-course meal, a cocktail wedding or to bring in some food trucks? Make sure they can accommodate your specific needs. 

For drinks, will you have an open bar, a limited open bar or a select few drinks on offer with wine on the table and guests to buy outside of those categories? Hire a bartender or two if the venue doesn’t come with them as it’ll be very handy. 


Think about hiring an acoustic act or orchestra for your ceremony as music sets the mood of your wedding. It evokes emotions and sets the tone for the entire event so don’t overlook it. Hire a DJ or band for your reception and create your dream playlist that’ll get everyone dancing! Let them know of songs you love and hate and make sure to add music that’ll include everyone. 

Perth City Farm Wedding


Save-the-date cards are a fun way to get your attendees excited about the event and to mark their calendars. It gives your guest plenty of time to arrange childcare and travel arrangements. Send 4-6 months before the wedding. 

Traditional wedding invites include the main invitation, a response card and a separate card with all helpful information. It’s a good idea to include a time half an hour before your ceremony starts so all guests arrive with plenty of time. Send 6-8 weeks before the wedding. 

Wedding Cake

The size of your cake will depend on how many guests you’ll have and if you’re using it as dessert. It could be simple, contemporary, or delicate. It doesn’t have to be extravagant as many will have you believe (unless you want it to be)! Just make sure the cake matches your theme or colour palette!

Going for a cake tasting could be a fun date idea! If you decide to go for a tiered cake, why not go for multiple flavours? There is no rule to say you can’t. 

Photo Booth

Having a photo booth is a great way for guests to engage with one another and not only is it exciting but it’s great for all ages too! You could hire from a company or create a DIY photo booth. The photos will be a wonderful keepsake for you and your guests for many years to come. 

The Legal Bits

Planning your wedding day is fun and exciting but for it to be legal, you have to do some slightly boring (but very important) paperwork. If you’re wondering “what do I need to get married in Perth? — let me tell you!

A Wedding Officiant

First things first, you have to decide whether your ceremony will be a religious or civil event to find the right celebrant or priest. The words said at your specific ceremony will differ so your officiant will need to know how to solemnise your wedding. 

Apply To Get Married 

Next is actually applying to get married, to do this you’ll need to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage form with an authorised marriage officiant, at least one month before your wedding day. This can be done online or in person, but you’ll need:

  • To be at least 18 years old 
  • Provide proof of date and place of birth (original birth certificate, passport)
  • Photo ID (passport, driving licence, Australian Citizenship Certificate)
  • Certificate of Divorce or a Death Certificate if previously married 

On your wedding day: Sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage form, to declare that there’s no legal reason why you should not be married. 

During the wedding: You’ll need two witnesses over the age of 18 to witness the marriage ceremony and your officiant will need to read The Montitum out loud to you. Three marriage certificates will be signed by you, your celebrant and witnesses. You will keep one, so will the officiant and the third one is sent to be registered. 

After the wedding: Your officiant has 14 days to submit your marriage documents to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Once registered, you can apply to the registry for your legal marriage certificate.  

Courthouse Marriage In Perth 

For a courthouse ceremony, the marriage process is similar. You need to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage form at your appointment at the Perth Registry Office at least one month before your wedding date, as well as bring in all of the same documents. 

You’ll need to arrange for two witnesses to come with you to the Perth marriage office on your wedding day to witness the marriage. Afterwards, The Perth Registry Office will be able to issue your legal marriage certificate. 

Witness requirements:

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Know either party
  • Can be friends or family 

You now know the crucial marriage legal requirements in Perth, planning everything else will be a breeze!


Now you know everything there is to getting married in Perth, you can start organising your dream wedding! In need of a photographer to capture your Perth City wedding day? Get in touch and let’s plan your once-in-a-lifetime day!