When it comes to wedding ceremonies in 2021, all bets are off. Gone are the days of stuffy churches or drab hotel ballrooms; as long as you get the official paperwork signed and sealed, the ceremony itself can take any form you desire – which gives you a lot of freedom to choose your wedding venue!

I’m an experienced wedding photographer who’s been to her fair share of weddings, both traditional and non-traditional. If you’re looking for something a little special, I’ve come up with a list of six unique wedding venues in Perth that can give your big day that extra touch of personality on top of all the inherent joy and laughter!

Where To Get Married In Perth

Before we get stuck into the list, let me just say: it’s very important to consider what type of wedding you want, and what type you’re already having. Here’s what I mean by that. You and your partner are going to have so many little personal touches and ideas for your wedding. You’ve probably been dreaming of it for weeks, months, maybe even years! It’s best to consider each others point of view as well as your list of “must-haves” when you’re choosing a venue.

The time of year you’re planning your wedding can dictate many decisions. So can your guest list. Even your reception menu! Some of these things will inform your venue decision, while other details can be finalised after you’ve got your heart set on a place. So keep all that in mind as you read through my little list!

1. Perth City Farm

Perth City Farm provides an oasis of lush greenery and rural atmosphere right in the heart of Perth. This venue has a character all its own, taking cues from the rustic, pastoral Australian countryside. I find Perth City Farm perfect for summer cocktail-style weddings, where you and your guests can drink the night away under gorgeous festoon lights. But the venue also has three separate rooms available for hire, including a beautifully restored barn, making it a great option for your ceremony any time of year! It’s also one of the most affordable wedding venues for hire in Perth, as it offers a selection of packages to suit all budgets.

Perth City Farm Unique Wedding venues in Perth

2. Moana Hall

What’s not to love about a venue inspired by Gatsby-era class? Originally constructed in 1908, the upper floor of this glorious hall is a tucked-away colonial gem. It features a stunningly designed interior and an elegant balcony just begging to be photographed. On a purely aesthetic note, Moana Hall is one of the most stunning venues to shoot in – the place delivers every single time. It combines graceful grandeur with cosy intimacy; a perfect spot to nestle everyone into during the colder winter months!

3. Lamonts Bishops House

Lamonts Bishops House is a venue steeped in old-world charm, situated among the modern flourishes of the Perth CBD. This is undoubtedly one of my favourite city venues. It screams summer wedding, but screams it with the utmost class! Whether you’re after a cocktail-style reception or a long-table sit-down under the stars, Lamonts has you covered. The food, headed by resident chef Nathan Le, is divine and represents a delightful collision of fresh and local ingredients. They’ve also got some of the best staff around; I feel well and truly looked after whenever I’m lucky enough to shoot there!

Lamonts Bishops House unique wedding venues in perth lamonts bishops house

4. The Old Pickle Factory

Back in 1917, this warehouse was the site of a pickle and vinegar factory (as the name implies!). But fast-forward to 2021 and it’s been renovated into one of the most unique Perth wedding venues. It’s still a warehouse – just an extremely cool one! Think of it like a blank canvas; you can make your wedding definitively yours in this venue, and while it might be more work, some couples relish the freedom of putting a personal stamp on their day. The venue even comes complete with a perfect spot for a ceremony right inside the entrance. If you’re an artistically minded couple with a creative streak, this could be the perfect venue for you.

5. The Flour Factory

Tucked away on Queen Street in the city, the Flour Factory is another converted factory that dates way back to the 19th century. Like the Old Pickle, the Flour Factory is a blank slate that provides for many different kinds of functions. It’s up to you to take the spacious, rustic interior and make it your own! You’ll have the run of the entire top floor, so you have plenty of opportunities to put your personal stamp on the reception and ceremony, as well as cramming it full of your nearest and dearest.

The Flour Factory unique wedding venues perth

6. State Buildings Perth

The State Buildings are literally brimming with options for wedding receptions and ceremonies. In fact, they’re one of the most diverse wedding ceremony locations in Perth. I love shooting here because of that diversity; it’s easy to snap a variety of dynamic, engaging shots. Whether you’re looking for traditional elegance in the form of the expansive, ornate Postal Hall, or fancy a little walk on the wild side in the hip basement setting of the Thai-influenced Long Chim, the State Buildings can cater for any type of wedding you care to dream up. Plus, having a space where you can get ready upstairs (COMO The Treasury) before making your grand entrance is a most welcome bonus.



I hope I’ve fired up your imagination with this selection of unique wedding venues in Perth. Our little city has so much going for it! Remember, at the end of it all, it’s your day. Choose a location that speaks to you – I reckon you’ll know it the moment you see it.