If there’s one thing I frequently hear from couples, it’s that they don’t have many nice photos together. Not many of us have or make time for photoshoots, meaning most couples end up with plenty of selfies and not a lot of professional photos to hang on their wall.

This is one reason why I often recommend engagement photo shoots. They’re a special way to capture your love and affection for one another, without the pressure or formality of your wedding day. Engagement photo shoots are also a great way to help yourself feel more comfortable in front of the camera and get prepared for your actual wedding day.

Working together on the engagement shoot helps us get to know one another too. We’ll capture plenty of fun, candid moments together, which can help you feel calmer and more comfortable before the wedding.

I’d be delighted to work with you on an engagement shoot. Not sure where you want to have pics taken? I can help with that! Here are some of my favourite secret engagement shoot locations in Perth.


1. Bells Rapids/Bells Lookout

Bells Rapids and Bells Lookout, in Brigadoon, is one of the best shoot locations, if you’re looking for something off the beaten path. If you’re after casual, outdoorsy vibes, this stunning spot is sure to deliver.

With rolling hillsides and rocky outcrops, (and the Swan River flowing – all dependant on the time of year) we can capture lots of variety in this gem of a location. There’s also a cute wooden walkway over the water that can give us some versatile ways to shoot.

The location is dog-friendly too, and many couples love to bring their fluffy friend along to share in on the photoshoot fun! It can be lovely to include your pet, since they’re a valued member of the family, but often can’t be there on your wedding day.

My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth

2. Old Barrington Quarry

Another dog-friendly spot is the Old Barrington Quarry. I find it one of the most unique engagement shoot locations in Perth because of its dramatic views, with exposed red rock, lush vegetation, and the gorgeous reflections in the water that we get on bright days.

There are plenty of walking trails, gorgeous lookout points throughout the Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, and even a secret little cactus spot. The rugged nature of the reserve means that it’s best for more informal shoots – heels and delicate fabrics aren’t likely to stay clean for long out here! It’s one of my fave secret photography spots in Perth, since it’s gorgeous and not utilised by as many wedding photographers.

My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth

3. John Forrest National Park and the Swan View Tunnel

Another natural backdrop for engagement photos is the John Forrest National Park and Swan View Tunnel. John Forrest is actually the second oldest national park in Australia, after the Royal National Park, and it gives us more than enough options for shoot locations!

The park is rich in rocky outcrops, waterfalls and serene watering holes, but one of my favourite spots in the park is the Swan View Tunnel. This former railway tunnel is no longer in use, but its beautiful curved archway and stone formations create a sort of natural photo frame, so it’s an ideal spot for couples to use in their photos.

John Forrest National Park is just east of Perth, in the Darling Scarp.


4. Mettam’s Pool

If you and your other half were born for the beach, let’s head to Mettam’s Pool, by Trigg Beach. This shallow lagoon is ideal for snorkelling, but it also makes for the perfect secluded beach for our photoshoot.

With crystal-clear blue water, rocky coves and pristine sand, this spot really embodies the beauty of Perth and WA. I love the coastal scenery and views from this location; although it can get busy, I can help arrange a time when we’re likely to have the place all to ourselves.

Even in winter or on overcast days, it’s still possible to get beautiful shots at the beach – so don’t assume that beach photoshoots only work in summer!

My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth

5. Fremantle

If you’re imagining more of an urban photoshoot, let’s head to Fremantle. This hip coastal city is known for its artistic and quirky personality, so there are plenty of spots that we can use as photo locations.

There are lots of historic buildings in Freo, along with Victorian terraces, sprawling old-school pubs, hidden alleyways and industrial backdrops.

This recent Fremantle wedding shoot I did with Rami and Alex gives you some ideas on shoot locations in the city.

My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth My 6 Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth

6. Perth City (State Buildings)

For a convenient shoot location in Perth, the State Buildings in Cathedral Square give us plenty to work with, especially for creating photos with heritage elegance. The Old Treasury Buildings, with stately brick and curved arches, are an ideal spot for photos.

In just a small, three-block radius, we have a wealth of additional options too – stylish cocktail bars, alleyways lined with street art, and a mix of both modern and traditional architecture. If you’re short on time, we can easily arrange a Perth city shoot during your lunch break or after work. It’s one of the best engagement photo locations in Perth!



If you’re thinking about an engagement shoot in Perth, or the surrounding areas, check out one of the places mentioned above. They stand out not only for their beauty, but for their uniqueness – since many of these spots are off the beaten track, you’ll end up with photos that are different from everyone else’s.

Do you have a certain look or feel in mind for your engagement shoot? Whether in beachside or natural location or something more urban, I’d love to help bring your dream aesthetic to life!