Your wedding only lasts a day, but your wedding photos will last forever! However, for most of us, posing and relaxing on our big day just doesn’t come easy – how can you feel comfortable while someone is pointing a camera at you?!

If you’re feeling nervous about your wedding photos, you’re not alone. I see this often in couples, with both brides and grooms feeling unsure of how to relax in front of the camera. While I always do my best to help put you at ease, there are a few tips that can help too.

Here are some of the best ways to look natural, happy, and glowing in your treasured wedding photos.

Try To Relax

One of my biggest tips is to relax. Don’t think about or concentrate on what I’m doing as the photographer, as this can leave you feeling worried about your posing or appearance. Instead, try to forget I’m even there and focus on the moment, taking in the happiness and joy of being surrounded by your loved ones on such a special day.

Your wedding day is unbelievably exciting, so you can’t get this wrong, no matter what you do. Hug, kiss, be affectionate, or make fun of one another – whatever you do, it’s sure to result in memorable and amazing photos. We’ll be in a spectacular venue, like one of my favourite South West winery wedding locations, so your shoot will have plenty of amazing viewpoints where you can walk around and relax while I snap away. Rolling vineyards make for spectacular wedding photos!

If I do need anything in particular from you, I’ll let you know, but otherwise try to take a few deep breaths, remain calm, and live in the moment. Your wedding shoot should be fun and exciting, not stressful!

How To Relax In Front Of The Camera

Interact With Each Other

One tip for amazing photos is to interact with each other as I’m shooting. Organic, natural movement translates into much better photos than standing still, so feel free to hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, twirl around, or put your arms around your other half. I want to capture your love and unique qualities as a couple, so if you’re normally silly and laughing, carry on!

You’ll be glad to know I’m not going to force you into uncomfortable staged poses. The best wedding photographers in Perth, or anywhere, know that the most memorable photos come from being natural and capturing the moments as they happen, rather than forcing it.

How To Relax In Front Of The Camera

Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room: Awkwardness

The truth is, the first few minutes of your shoot are going to feel a bit awkward. But don’t worry – it gets easier as we go along! It’s okay to spend the first few minutes getting used to the scenario and getting comfortable, since most of the first few photos will just be test shots anyway.

I may start out by giving you some general directions or ideas on where to stand, but you’ll both start to feel more at ease after a bit of practice. If you still feel like you’re struggling, don’t worry! I can help out as much or as little as needed when it comes to guidance.

Figuring out how to feel comfortable in front of the camera comes over time, but most people pick it up pretty quickly. Of course, I’m there every step of the way to answer questions or talk you through my processes and thinking.

How To feel comfortable In Front Of The Camera How To feel comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Have Fun

Another amazing way to get great results is to have fun! After all, your wedding day should be full of fun and laughter, so I want to capture your happiness through your photos. Laughter, smiles, jokes and emotion are going to help me capture you both at your best.

One of the secrets to creating candid images is movement, so don’t feel like you need to pose and stand still! Dancing, moving, and constantly shifting your positioning helps me capture more realistic, genuine shots, but it also helps you relax and forget that I’m even there. I’ll just go with the flow and keep shooting.

Although it can be hard to imagine how your final images will look while you’re in the middle of the shoot, have trust in the vision and creativity of your photographer and you’re sure to be impressed once you see the shots.

How To Relax In Front Of The Camera How To feel comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Book An Engagement Session As A Practice Run

Booking an engagement photography photoshoot in Perth before your wedding day is a fantastic way not only to capture the memories of your engagement, but also to get more comfortable around a camera before the wedding photos.

An engagement shoot lets us get to know each other beforehand, so you can get a feel for how I work. I can recommend plenty of amazing and unique locations around Perth, Fremantle or the South West, providing stunning backdrops for your images.

With only the three of us there, it will be a lot more low-stress than the actual wedding day. You can dress casually so you feel more relaxed, and many couples love to bring along their four-legged friends too. You can even bring along some local wine or a picnic and make a day out of it, while I stay behind-the-scenes, capturing the magic.

How To feel comfortable In Front Of The Camera

I hope the tips above will help you relax in front of the camera on your wedding day. It’s completely normal to feel a bit uncomfortable, but I’ll be there to help you both feel calm, at ease and relaxed. If you have any questions about the shooting process, please feel free to reach out and learn more. I’m experienced and passionate about couples photography in Perth and I look forward to helping you plan your engagement and wedding shoots!