As a Fremantle wedding photographer, I might be a little biased… but I reckon Fremantle is one of the best places you can get married in the world! We’ve got it all here: amazing venues, delicious food, stunning scenery and some of the sharpest, most creative wedding vendors working in the game today.

If you’re starting to plan your day, you might be wondering where to get married in Fremantle or who the best Fremantle wedding vendors are. Don’t worry – this is where I come in. Read on for my personal Fremantle wedding guide!

Favourite Venues

As a port city, we have stunning views from pretty much every angle, but once you head inside, you’ll realise that Fremantle wedding venues are some of the best around. I’m a huge fan of venues that allow you to hold the ceremony and reception in one place; it makes the whole day flow much more easily, and adds a lovely consistency to the photography.

Moore & Moore

The beautiful interiors of Moore & Moore are undeniably dripping with character. The stately rear courtyard is perfect for outdoor parties, while the inside gallery areas can be sectioned off to provide space for bigger sit-down-style receptions or on-the-feet cocktail gatherings.

It’s also situated smack-bang in the middle of Freo’s West End, which is an amazing locale with endless photo opportunities. As if that wasn’t enough, Moore & Moore also features beautiful window-lit spots for photos in their upstairs gallery (as nice as Fremantle is, it can rain sometimes!).

Fremantle Wedding Guide Fremantle Wedding Guide Moore and Moore Fremantle

The Guildhall

The Guildhall is a lovingly restored events space situated in the heart of the city. It features hands down some of the best food from any venue in Freo, topped off by amazing, attentive staff and a cool, moody vibe in the front entrance room (making it just perfect for photos).

No matter where you point a camera in this place, inside or out, you’ll find an awesome frame. The amazing menu is just the (literal) cherry on top.

Fremantle Wedding Guide The Guildhall Fremantle Fremantle Wedding Guide


Kidogo is located a little further out of the city than the above venues, making its home in the charming 1884 heritage-listed Old Kerosene Store on Bathers Beach. It hosts many different types of events, but I think its beachside location makes it the perfect spot for weddings.

The deck juts out right over the beach, making it ideal for our long Perth summer nights (and the accompanying sunsets). The building itself has lots of character, and features a range of artwork from resident creatives.

Kidogo Fremantle Wedding Guide Fremantle Wedding Guide

Favourite Vendors


Samphire Catering

Samphire are hands down the best wedding caterers in Fremantle, for my money. Run by two beautiful souls, Stephen and Jane, Samphire’s cuisine is inspired by the ocean. Fortunately, they’re surrounded by it here in Perth!

Their name was inspired by the delicate salty vegetable found on coastlines around the world. But they offer much more than vegetables! Their menu is exquisite; my mouth starts watering the moment I hear they’re catering a wedding I’m shooting.


Floral Army

Floral Amy is an award-winning boutique florist nestled in the heart of East Fremantle. Amy’s elegant designs blur the line between art and decor, and I’m continuously blown away by her imagination. Her florals also happen to look great on camera.

Make-up Artist

Gamine Dynasty

Make-up is a huge factor for us wedding photographers; it can make or break a bride’s whole look. So whenever I hear Gamine Dynasty is handling that department, I breathe a sigh of relief. These guys are beyond skilled. They create personalised styles to suit each client, enhancing their individual look while adding a little magic of their own.


Through the White Door

The dress is probably the thing that brides freak out about the most when it comes to their wedding, and rightly so – it’s a huge part of the day! Through the White Door specialise in beautiful classic and vintage-inspired gowns, with fashion-forward designs also available. Every dress of theirs I’ve seen has been stunning.

Vintage looks are all the rage for wedding stylists right now, but there are so few dress shops that specialise in dresses to match that look. If you’re after a retro feel, Through the White Door has you covered.

Favourite Views

When it comes to views, we’re spoilt for choice here in Fremantle. That being said, I do have a couple of places that I think are standout gems, even in the glittering crown that is the Perth coast.

The West End of Fremantle

Notre Dame University has done the community a major favour by preserving so many of the local heritage buildings. They provide an amazing and diverse range of backdrops for shots; I can take a wander down Henry Street, Mouat Street or Cliff Street and never be short of inspiration. It’s a look you simply can’t recreate anywhere else in Perth.

As with most Perth locations, the later in the day, the better for photography, but this area also offers plenty of shade if you happen to be working with intense daylight. And if you fancy a couple of cheeky sunset photos, Bathers Beach is a mere stone’s throw away.

Fremantle Wedding Guide Freo West End

South Beach at Sunset

Speaking of sunset: South Beach is breathtaking at this time of day. There are also lots of fun and quirky little places along South Terrace to grab some shots; it’s a hip urban district, so think street art, trendy cafes, vibrant walls and those iconic Fremantle cottages.

Make sure to leave some time in your schedule for this one, though; it’s a long road with a lot of spread-out spots. But it’s worth the walk, for sure!

Fremantle Wedding Guide


Need some more inspiration? You can always check out more Frementle weddings on my blog here and don’t forget to get in touch about your own wedding when you’re ready here.